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Earth Day 2020: what does this world day mean

Earth Day 2020: what does this world day mean?

Earth Day 2020: what does this world day mean

Earth Day is celebrating its 50th anniversary today. What is the origin of this day? What does it mean? What actions are organized? We tell you everything.

This Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day is celebrating its 50th birthday. A day celebrated in dozens of countries around the world and which aims to raise awareness about our relationship to mother earth and our impact on the environment.


This somewhat special day was established for the first time on April 22, 1970. An initiative called "Earth Day" and which saw the light of day, across the Atlantic, thanks to Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson. At the time, the politician wanted students to take an interest in the environmental cause and get more involved. Fifty years later, the objective remains the same: to make people aware of its impact on the planet and the role it can play in its preservation. Very quickly, Earth Day entered the calendar of a hundred countries around the globe. France has celebrated this day since 1990.


Usually, many celebrations and events are held around the world. This year, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day takes place in a new context. Indeed, the containment measures officially put in place until May 11, prevent public gatherings. But never mind, many initiatives are organized online to celebrate this crucial day for the environment. This is the case of "Earth Day Live 2020", an event which takes place exclusively on the Web from April 22 to 24 and in which a few committed personalities intend to participate. We find in particular Jane Fonda - who recently launched videoconferences against global warming -, Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo and Stella McCartney among others.


Since March 17, air quality has improved considerably in several countries. On April 21, Airparif (the body responsible for monitoring air quality in Île-de-France) announced that the quarantine imposed by the French government has resulted in a sharp reduction in air pollution , nitrogen dioxide as well as CO2, but less impact for particles (PM10 and PM2.5). Good news on this anniversary day, but that is far from settling the issue of global warming. Because everything will have to be redone once the world is unconfigured ...