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Reasons why you should not underestimate the Coronavirus, even if you are very young

Reasons why you should not underestimate the Coronavirus, even if you are very young

Recently, the whole world is in a state of temporary closure. Most countries have turned into ghost towns, and many of their residents have adhered to quarantine in homes, or at least avoided crowds around. Because the outbreak proved to be more dangerous for the elderly, young and younger have underestimated it, and this needs to be changed.

You may have seen some Spring Breakers videos behave recklessly, putting their health and the health of anyone close to them at risk. It is recently that some information has emerged confirming that young people and young people are also at risk if they get sick - this epidemic is not a joke, and this is the most important reason.

That's because you are in danger too, even if you think nothing affects you. As nearly 40% of all hospital patients are between the ages of 25 to 54 years, which causes them to change all false beliefs surrounding the matter. This statistic was recently published in the CDC Report.
The persistent lack of individuals feeling that something is wrong and that they are leaving the home, which leads to the continued presence of the virus and the increase in deaths and patients numbers to millions.
Even if you are young and healthy, the disease can cause permanent damage to the lung or any of the body parts. This means that anyone who smokes or suffers from lung disease is at great risk.

Even if you do not have any symptoms, you may be pregnant and spread the disease among people close to you, or have a serious condition leading to terrible results.
Symptoms appear as influenza or a common cold, and the possibility of COVID-19 increases over time.
The more people who ignore these symptoms and go to large human populations, the greater the chance of growth, transformation and spread of the virus in the entire world as the epidemic we have seen in the past.

The more beds that young people with good health keep in hospitals, the fewer beds available for those most at risk of death from illness.
Although the first wave of the disease was the most threatening, but at the advent of summer the matter dwindled, but the fear of the virus spreading again is the winter company as the COVID-19 virus spreads in cold environments.
Even if you don't think you are infected, days may pass before symptoms develop. Because of the incubation period, more people may feel sick the more time passes

Why isn't it a joke?
 All you have to look at Italy, despite reports from South Korea and China, has made it clear that the elderly are most susceptible to the disease in Asia, unless the epidemic in Italy has reached a stage that no one imagines, it has affected all ages in the demographics . The lack of borders has caused a brutal fire to spread to Europe, and there is no reason not to continue it if the wrong behavior is not changed.
If you are young and have any type of internal illness, such as diabetes or a heart problem, you are also at risk of developing corona like elderly patients as well.
And to what extent they neglect the disease and say, "If you develop corona, it is just a disease." "Look at the statistics. Anyone aged between 20-44 years represents 12% of cases in intensive care units, and up to 27% of deaths were over the age of 85 years. Anyone between 75-84 years of age represents 31% of the cases referred to intensive care units, and 11% of these cases were critical. For ages from 65-74 years, 19% were in intensive care units, and 5% were dangerous. These numbers are increasing at an Asian rate.

As the disease becomes more prevalent, any person who is infected with the Coronavirus will be asked to isolate and not go to school or work, and thus many livelihoods have been threatened with stopping.
If it continues to do nothing, whether for young people or the elderly, children will not go to school. Many US children rely on the school meal due to the low income levels of their families, and this will cause more burdens for these families if this continues.