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The strongest earthquake to hit North Carolina in 94 years, the area along the Virginia border - Breaking News

The strongest earthquake to hit North Carolina in 94 years, the area along the Virginia border - Breaking News

 A 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck about two miles from Sparta, North Carolina, early Sunday morning along the state's border with Virginia, according to the initial report from the US Geological Survey.

It's the strongest earthquake to rock the state since 1926, according to the North Carolina Geological Survey.

The earthquake, with its epicenter located in Ghani County, was felt as far away as Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, according to reports to the US Geological Survey.

It struck around 8:07 AM ET.

"He was preparing for the church when things started falling off the wall," said Brian Mainz, the Sheriff of Ghani County. He told CNN the house seemed to be turning, and I felt it might fall.
 “I started getting some damage to the rock sheets. My chimney started cracking,” he said. "Several houses have damaged structures. We have people outside now. There are homes that have moved 1 or 2 inches off their foundations. There are people who have had to leave their homes because it is not safe inside. It's a very big event."

Wes Bringar, Mayor of Sparta, said that there were no immediate reports of injuries, but damage occurred in the town of about 1,800 people, adding that the foundation of his house cracked and things fell from the shelves inside his house.

"It felt like a big locomotive was passing by and a big wave under the bed," said the mayor. "I've lived here all my life and have never felt anything like that."

The US Geological Survey says earthquakes are becoming devastating with a magnitude of 4.0 to 5.0, depending on the variables. The US Geological Survey says a 5.3-magnitude earthquake is considered a moderate earthquake.

The agency issued a green alert, which means there is little likelihood of injuries and damages.

Town Councilman Cole Edwards, as well, was shocked wakeful by the shudder, he said. There was no harm to his home, however it broke a few dishes and thumped a few pictures off of the divider, he said. 

"We've had a great deal of frightened people toward the beginning of today," the civic chairman said. "That was the most extreme one we've at any point had." 

The seismic tremor thundered at a profundity of about 5.7 miles, which is viewed as a shallow shudder. Tremors shallower than 43 miles will in general be more ruinous than more profound ones, the USGS says. 

This imprints North Carolina's most grounded seismic tremor since a 5.2-greatness struck Mitchell County, around 50 miles upper east of Asheville, on July 8, 1926, the North Carolina Geological Survey says. A 5.5-greatness shook Skyland in 1916, the organization said. 

Sparta is around 100 miles north of Charlotte. A Charlotte firemen association tweeted there were no reports of wounds.

"Great Morning Charlotte, we are certain the vast majority of you are alert since indeed, that was a quake you felt. No neighborhood reports of harm or wounds yet what a reminder," the association tweeted. 

Sheriff Maines' delegates are ensuring they're "exceptionally obvious at the present time," he said. 

"With the pandemic going on, individuals have higher uneasiness at the present time. Perhaps the greatest thing for law authorization right presently is to quiet the waters, for individuals to live in harmony and not be in dread at the present time," he said. "We live in a little mountain network. We as a whole arrangement on dealing with one another." 

The Sparta territory sits among three seismic zones, in Charleston, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee and focal Virginia. A few littler shakes, all 2.6-extent or lower, thundered close to Sparta on Saturday and early Sunday. Two additional quakes struck a couple of miles from Seymour, Tennessee, a weekend ago, the USGS says. 

A USGS sway map shows the office got reports from individuals who felt the shake up and down the eastern seaboard. The guide shows bunches of reports in excess of 300 miles away, in Atlanta and in the country's capital. 

"I felt my bed shaking marginally, and I realized it was the unquestionable feel of a seismic tremor, however it was so unobtrusive, I didn't have the foggiest idea whether others may notice and I calculated the beginning must be far away," Limaya Atembina of Rockville, Maryland, told CNN in a Facebook message.