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Enter your data to get the best health insurance now only US residents 2021

 Enter your data to get the best health insurance now only US residents 2021

The Health Insurance is the usa institution responsible for covering the health expenses of citizens. It is part of the 4 branches of Social Security and is made up of three main schemes:

  1. the general scheme, which insures 4 out of 5 people in usa;
  2. the agricultural scheme, which covers farmers and employees in this sector;
  3. RSI, the Social Insurance Scheme for Independents which covers craftsmen, traders and liberal professions.

How does Health Insurance reimburse health costs?

The reimbursement of care by Health Insurance usa is computerized. All you need to do is present a vital card, a device containing all the information on a patient's insured profile, to receive treatment.

However, this coverage is only very rarely 100% of the amount spent. Indeed, for the general scheme, it fluctuates between 30% and 90% of the convention rate determined by Social Security, while some treatments do not benefit from any reimbursement.

Their method of coverage is similar to that of Health Insurance. They are based on the convention price of the latter and offer refunds from 100%. More advanced plans offer reimbursement of up to 400%, which means that their contribution to the costs can be up to 4 times the convention rate.

These high costs are particularly useful for expensive care for which Health Insurance offers reimbursements far from real costs such as optics or dental care. Mutuals also allow compensation for care not covered by health insurance such as consultation in alternative medicine or homeopathy. They generally offer annual packages.

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